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Both Cost 150,000 US Dollars.


Soo does a man come with the Nigerian house or nah?


Man usually comes with the house but there are some for the single lady’s.

Seriously our house in Lagos is about this big. America doesn’t know jack about “third world” countries.

errrr… yah. but then you wake up and you’re in Africa.. its not just about the square footage or amenities of a home but you must consider the neighborhood.. do i feel safe with who is living next door? is there clean, running water? is there wildlife to be concerned with? what are the roads like? and seriously most importantly DO I HAVE HIGH SPEED INTERNET. I AM NOT DOWNGRADING TO 56K. NEVER AGAIN

Okay, so I see I need to give a geography lesson, let’s see if I can say this humanly

1. The OP said Nigeria NOT “Africa”

2. “Consider the neighborhood”? What kind of IS is that?! People are PEOPLE wherever you go. You have your rich you have your poor. You have your smarts, and you have people like you that spout IS. 

3. Seriously, roads?



4. Wildlife? We have wildlife in the states; bears, deer, my mother saw a coyote outside her office window and she works 20 minutes away from downtown. What are you suggesting?

5. Lastly this is the stupidest thing. Internet. Is it not the Nigerians coning your gullible American asses out of your life savings. So much you it has cause alarm, and has government protocol so your stupid grandmother does send her savings thinking she can get rich quick. I think Nigeria has Internet and HIGH SPEED under control

I suggest you read, adsorb, learn and apply. Before spouting off about “Africa” again. =_=


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 #can i mention how cool it is to have a variation of sherlock holmes where he says stuff like this #because it’s important #and this episode is my favourite so far because it’s surprisingly accurate #and it was just great to hear him say this #because sherlock holmes is of course intelligent and a modern sherlock would know this #and even though this holmes does have that social crass and indelicacy he’s softer in some ways to the others #which is what makes him different and a new take and interesting to watch #he’s a rare fictional example of a character who is pragmatic and driven and a bit socially blunt but also has a firm moral intelligence too #just because a character can be blunt and rude and not understand that they’ve just insulted someone doesn’t have to mean #that they don’t understand right from wrong  (via teacupsandcyanide)

I always reference this scene when talking about Jonny as Holmes because this is what makes him the most Holmesian Holmes since the passing of the great Jeremy Brett.

Sherlock Holmes cares about people, he cares about justice, he cares about not what is legally right but what is morally right and this scene reminds me so much of Holmes’ concern for Violet Hunter in The Copper Beeches or Violet Smith in The Solitary Cyclist or Helen Stoner in The Speckled Band all women in close proximity to abusers/potential abusers and he’s so concerned for them.

That’s Sherlock Holmes, a man concerned with justice and the protection of victims. I love Jonny’s Holmes with a passion because this is my childhood hero returned.

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